Friday, September 23, 2011

10 Things I have never done ~ ♥ ~


This is a tag post! YAYIE (my first)

I was tagged by shreya (of )

As the title says, I have to list down 10 things that I have NEVER EVER done in my entire life (willing maybe? )

Lets start *long breathe*

1. I have never purchased MAC with my own money. :P I have always been gifted MAC but never saved and bought anything from MAC! :) (YET)

2. I have never passed a class test! Its very true, I was always gone un-prepared hence FAILED all the class tests. I'm talking about CLASS tests not EXAMS, so chill out :P

3. Never gone out of city with friends :( Except for School trips, we aren't counting official trips, right?

4. Never gone for an official date either :| Only the boring, casual ones "With other friends".

5. Never worn heels higher than 4 inches! Always wanted to, though!

6. Never tried the ugly-fugly vegetable "Ridge-Guard" (Tori).

7. Never gone to GOA! What a shame, right? :(

8. Never sent anyone a letter. The traditional letter, on the paper, written with my own hands! :P

9. Never made a gazillion friends, just a few! Very few, I'd say :)

10. Last but not the least, I have never had chocolate ice-cream (hehe) I HATE IT!! Even though, I like chocolates :)


I'm tagging all of you! :)

Much Love.

Tanvee W.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Review : Simply Pretty Lipsticks :)

Holla girls!

Im back with another review :)

These days I'm totally into Lipsticks and eyeliner! I love wearing a lipstick with just eyeliner! Nothing more that's it! I sweaaar! It has totally become my thing! I think the Fall/Autumn bug has already bit me! :D

I have been wearing these lipsticks ever since I got them! They oh-so-pretty and have fetched me so many compliments! ;) YAYIE.

So the lipsticks are from Avon's Simply Pretty Collection.

I picked them two weeks back and the shades are called Mango Mania & Cherry Red.


Both of them

Positives :

1. The shades! There are about 15-16 shades available in this collection serving everyone's choice.
2. Texture is very smooth.
3. Lasted on me (without a lip balm/lip liner) for about 4 hours. YAY
4. Reasonable. (pocket-friendly)
5. Doesn't dry out quickly.
6. PACKAGING! SO cute , right?
7. Creamy.
8. Strong Bullet. (My lakme one broke in 3 flat days :| )

Negatives :

Honestly at this price, Its a total steal. Only availability can be an issue :)

Will I re-purchase? Yes, I have already ordered two more :)

Price : 179 for 2.

I would give it 4.5 on 5.

Have you tried the Simply Pretty Collection?
Much Love.

Tanvee W.

Monday, September 19, 2011

FOTD : Vintage/ pin up?


I think I need to do more posts! I feel kinna missing out all the time! Im trying but still need to get a proper hold of it! :) Anyway, I went out to watch a movie yesterday and this was my FOTD :D
Finally wore a red lip out and it felt good, this is definitely gonna be my fave go to look!

I always focus on eye makeup otherwise, but this winter its gonna be dark lips for me :D

Here are a few pictures, dont mind the quality ..all the pictures were clicked by my fone :P

Products Used :

MAC Prep & Prime (Eye)
Maybelline Drama gel liner
Maybelline Colossal Volum Express waterproof mascara
M. Grumbacher Lip brush
Avon- Cherry red lipstick

How do you like it? Lemme know below

Much Love

Tanvee W.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Shahnaz Hussain #501 : NOTD

Holla girls!

This one's a NOTD! My first one! Im not someone who changes nail paint often! Its only when i get a pedicure/manicure (which is once a month).

So this one is Shahnaz Hussain's #501 Glazed Cooper.

What the brand says about the product :

  • No streak, no bubble, smooth application.
  • Chip Resistant
  • With added Mineral Mica & Calcium for Forever stronger Nails.
  • Toluene Free formula, no more yellowing.
  • 40 Vibrant shades for all moods and seasons

I agree, the formula is very smooth, the brush is good quality, non-streaky.

Here is what the packaging looks like, pretty unique. I have always had only round bottles but this one's rectangular is shape, hence something new!

How good does freshly pedicured feet look? :D
I always prefer using my own nail paints when i get done pedicures/ manicures. I dont know why though! Its just my thing.

This is what it looks like after 3 coats.

I love this shade. Its so nudey brown! One of my fav's! I love anything that glossy and nudey brown!

The only thing that I do not appreciate is the price, they're slightly pricey for a nail paint.

Price : 198 INR or 4 USD (approx)

Re-purchase? Yes, I have a couple of more shades from this collection! I might buy this one again!

I would give it 4 on 5! ( 1 mark deducted for the price)

Have you tried these? Lemme know below :)

Much Love.

Tanvee W.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Review : NYX Auto Eyeliner


Another NYX review!

I won this in an online contest (along with a few other things, Elle18 clor bombs range. want a review of those???)

Its an eyeliner pencil in black.

What NYX says about the product?

Tired of sharpening your eye pencils everytime you use them. Can't find the sharperner. These auto pencil for eyes are the way to go. They are convenient and easy to wear! Create dramatic lining and defining without the mess.

INGREDIENTS: Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil, Ployglycerl-2 Trisostearate, Butyl Paraben, B.H.T., Zinc Stearate, Iron Oxides, Titanium Dioxide, Polymethyl Methacrylate, Mica (and) Titanium Dioxide (an) Iron Oxides, Mica (and) Titanium Dioxide
This is what the product looks like..

I compared it to my phone :P the size, I mean!

Auto Eye pencil~ the color Black :)
The tip was crisp but I used it the moment I received it :P Talk about excitement :D

Below are the swatches :

On the left- Only one swipe
On the right - Five to six swipes

I rubbed it with a very light hand and it almost vanished!

My take on the product :

Eyeliner is one product (along with blusher) that I use everyday! So a good one is a must have for me !
Also Eyeliner was the first makeup product that I started using (at the age of 14 or 15), yes even before I was introduced to the famous Kohl sticks!
I always feel that a good eyeliner completes a makeup look, ALWAYS.

Well I'm someone who uses the eyeliner for tightling, on waterline and ofcourse on upper lashline(that goes without saying). Also, a huge fan of Jet black eyeliners. No matter how many I buy, always on a continuous search for the blackest black eyeliners! :P
NYX's Auto Eyeliner claims the colour to be jet black but I feel it is only achievable with 5-6 swipes.

Positives :

Sturdy packaging. Nothing fancy but unbreakable.
Travel-friendly. Its really tiny, can fit into anything & everything.
Creamy. Glides on really easily.
Texture is very smooth.

Negatives :

Not Jet black.
Not water resistant.
Doesn't stay on for more than 2-3 hours.
Rubs off very easily.
Can't be used on waterline or tightlining.
Can't be sharpened.
Not easily available in India.

My rating- 2.5 /5

Re-purchase? No.

Price - 3.50 $ on Cherryculture
Rs 260-300 ( From UrbanTouch & )

Its a great product for beginners, not for people who have been using different eyeliners from a long time.

thanks Kriti for gifting me this :)
Check out her your youtube channel -

Much Love.

Tanvee W.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Review : Eyeshadows Palette

Holla girls~

What happening? I hope you all had a good weekend. I was busy auditioning models for a fashion show my school's old student's association is organising! There were more than 25 girls and trust me only two of them were wearing makeup and that too very little. I was slightly surprised. I'm not saying everyone should wear makeup or something but when youre associated with a field wherein your physical appearance matters more than anything else, you should make sure you live upto a certain level. I was honestly judging only on two parameters~ One their makeup & outfits (physical appearance), two their confidence (most of them were high on that).

Sooooo, today I'm reviewing an eyeshadow palette that I bought a month or two ago~

I dont know its brand because it came in a plain baby pink box. Nothing too fancy! If its pink it has to be mine. I just love PINK!

It comes in a handy magazine form with a tuck-on button thing.

This is how it looks on the front. A glossy baby pink colored fake leather packaging~

From the back ~

Un button it and this is how it looks from inside. Forty colors on each side so that makes it a 80 eyeshadow palette!

On the right side it has 40 powder eyshadows..

On the left it has 40 creme based eyshadows..

Below are swatches of some of my favourite colors.
Since there are a lot of colors, I couldn't swatch all of them so i picked the ones I really like and have used a couple of times!

Creme based eyeshadows:

Powder eyeshadows : (without base/primer)

Something about the colors:

My purpose of buying this was to try out some low on shimmer colors. I love buying buying big palettes because storage is an issue for me. Single eyeshadows or small (5/10/20) is absolutely not my thing. These palettes are good on pocket and work great for me.

Lets talk about the creme eyeshadows first:

As the name says, they're very CREAMY. The texture is smooth, most of the colors are vivid, staying power is awesome, doesn't crease (not even a bit), can be worn alone for the longest time.

This was the first time I tried creme based eyeshadows and I was really impressed. The quality is great. Comes at a very cheap price.

Powder eyeshadows:

The eyeshadow colors are versatile. From neutrals to poppy orange & pinks! Yes I love the variety in this palette! It has beautiful earthy browns (great for everyday looks) , lilac, lavender, PINKS (No matter how many pink eyeshadows I have, Im always looking for new pink eyshadows), goldens, bronze and what not. For me its my GO-TO palette. Its great for travelling as well because you never plan a look (for me it's always very spontaneous and I love to mix & match) and it has possibly every color that you might need.

Now lets talk about the Negatives (Im a firm believer in the fact that everyone and everything has positive and negative points. No one is perfect. We get better with time but not perfect)

*All the eyeshadows have a very wierd smell, which I DO NOT LIKE. (I have to smell anything and everything)

*Availability- Its a no-brand palette, so you might not be able to find it easily.

Thats all~

Overall I really like it and might buy it again (If I ever find it somewhere)

Price : Rs 750 or 17 USD (Approx.)

I would rate it a 3.5/5

Which is your fave palette? Do you love any no brand palette's? Let me know in the comments section :)

Much Love.

Tanvee W.

Friday, September 2, 2011

..because we all love pink :)

Hi girls,

I still can't think of anything better than HI GIRLS so please bear with me and my loser-ness for sometime! I think blogging is definitely addictive! I'm always thinking of new ideas for blog! My mom says, please spare some time for me too! I say, LATER!! :P Just kidding.. I'm not that rude! But really, I never thought I'd find blogging so interesting. I always wanted to make youtube videos but never had the courage to do live videos. Instead I chose to make videos of the looks that I generally do!

Anyway, today in the evening I did this basic pink-white look because all of us are obsessed with this colour, aren't we? Atleast I'm. I equally love all the other colours but pink makes me happy!

So this is a step by step tutorial ! MY first!

So here's all the products that I used. You don't need exact same but similar ones :) or perhaps you could do your own combinations!

For eyes:

*Lakme Invisible Foundation
*NYX Jumbo Pencil in Strawberry Milk
*White eyeshadow from Oriflame duo eyshadow (Night Life)
*Pink eyshadow from a no-brand palette
*Maybelline Mascara in Colosal Volume Express Waterproof
*Maybelline Drama Gel liner

For face:

*Maybelline pressed powder
*Oriflame Bronzing pearls
*Maybelline mousse blush in Peach Satin

For lips:
*Oriflame's lipstick

Now lets get started with the tutorial!

1. Prime your eyes with a primer (I dont have one so I use Lakme's foundation and it works perfect for me :) )

2. Using NYX jumbo Pencil in Strawberry Milk line your upper lashline thickly. (Messi-ness is welcome)

3. Blend it with your finger. (I use my ring finger)

4. After blending it, take a white eyeshadow and with a help of a flat eyeshadow brush apply it on half of your lid. Using the same brush apply a pink on the outer corner. ( I used Vega's eyshadow brush)

5. Blending is the key! Blend in the centre and then blend the pink eyeshadow in the crease/socket area. Don't go too far. Cover 2/3rd of your crease. Blending till inner corner or tear duct area closes down the eye and looks unattractive on smaller eyes.
Also add a brow highlighter. I used the same white eyeshadow.

6. Add Liner, tightline, mascara and you're done with the eyes.

7. Add some blush and highlighter above your blush and thats ALL.

Easy, ain't it?
Flash your biggest smile and look like an idiot (i.e- Just the way i am!) KIDDING :P

Its a very simple look, very everyday kinds for me.

Also if you have any requests?

Do leave your valuable feedback :)

Much Love.

Tanvee W.

Why should you read a beauty/fashion blog?

Hi babes!

The other day I posted my blog's link on a facebook page since I'm new and I want to reach more people so I decided to personally post my blogs link on about 5-6 facebook pages. I got pretty sweet response but I was taken aback when a girl asked me "Why do you waste your time writing these? Are you really jobless?"

I won't lie. I felt really bad. I wouldn't say I was hurt but yes felt BAD. That incident really made me think, Why should anyone read your beauty/fashion blog? SO thought of penning down a post!

Well, lets face it! No girl is ever satisfied with whatever she buys, be it makeup, clothes or shoes! Don't we all just love taking advice or suggestions from a friend, sister or mother about how a dress looks or that particular lipstick suits you or not? My answer is a YAY YES! Why? Well because I want to look good, not all the time but atleast when I wish to! For that I need to be sure and confident about what sort of makeup & clothes I'm wearing!

Personally, my fashion and makeup sense has really improved ever since I have started reading beauty and fashion blogs. I discovered so many new makeup brands, products, their usage and what not. I have learnt how to transform a simple outfit into a chic OOTD! I never thought I'd wear jewellery or fancy makeup when i go out but I did! How? When I saw like-minded girls doing the same so effortlessly!

Some quickies:

1. Reading blogs saves up a lot of time while shopping (Since you already know about the products available in market and you'd be better at choosing. A 5 hour shopping trip will come down straight to 2.5 hours. How cool is that?)

2. New ideas! No that doesn't imply that you can straightaway copy some one's style but you can add an element or two into yours.

3. Stepping out of your comfort zone. Okay I agree you love that old pink lipstick and have several tubes but how about trying that hip orange that you never thought existed? Seeing someone else flaunt it gives you a certain confidence to atleast TRY something that you thought wasn't your forte.

4. Best place to talk with like-minded people! Isn't that true? Doesn't your friend/husband/boyfriend/mom crib about you talking makeup-uage all the time? Mine does! Sharing your ideas or knowledge with someone who thinks exactly the way you do doesn't get ANY BETTER.

I hope this was useful in some way or the other.

Thanks for reading.

Much Love.

Tanvee W.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Hair bump-its! Useful or not?

Whenever I saw youtube gurus using one of these, it always excited me to the core. Imagine getting a bouffant without all that teasing and hairspray? Honestly Im okay with the teasing and hairspray but when it comes to getting my hair tangle free,i.e, trying to tone down or kick off the pouf/poof/puff/bouffant.. ITS A PAIN. Really.

Im sure you guys must have had similar experiences.
Whenever I went to my local beauty supply store, I'd always ask for them but the result was sales assistants with straight faces. They probably didnt even know its meaning. Sigh.

One fine day me & my sister were watching an advertisment of a random hairstyling tool called the InStyler. My sister liked it so much that she instantly called their toll free number and ordered it. I kept laughing at her! :P But to my surprise a Bumpit hair piece set was free with it. I almost wanted to kiss her and would have if she didn't hesitate. hehe.

But somehow it never got delivered :( . And I was randomly telling my sister-in-law (Bhabhi) the story .. she said she has one of these and it works really good and gifted me one of the bumpit set! I almost YAY-ed. You know, how happy one feels when you finally get something you badly wanted from a long time!

When I got home, I immediately opened the packet and there were 5 pieces of these cute bumpits! I was really excited to use them so i inserted the baby one to achieve a baby poof which is my fave go-to hairstyle ! Sadly it got lost in my hair and there was no fake volume created instead my hair got messed a bit.

So, I kept the pack aside thinking, I'll watch a proper video and use these. My sis kept 2 of these so i was left with only 3, they were not of my use anyway!

Anyway coming to the point, are they really worth all the excitement?

I'd say YES. But TV people lie a bit.

The good points:

*They save a lot of time.
*Less teasing & hairspray.

The bad points:
*They dont perfectly fit onto your head, It takes a lot of practise.
*The baby ones are useless, even if you have short/thin hair.
*YOU NEED TO TEASE before you put them on.
*Not a one step hairstyle.
*Not available easily.

My rating : 3/5

Price : Depends where you buy it from. They're available on ebay and the price ranges from 5.99 to 12.99 USD.

I will do a hairstyle including these very soon :)

Much love.

Tanvee W.