Wednesday, September 25, 2013 review + tiny haul

Trust me, I have been wanting to write but I was extremely occupied with a whole lot of things. Starting with a wedding in the family to my office shifting to a new location to planning a trip to Mumbai and more. 

In the middle of this chaos, I decided to treat myself with a couple of bags because honestly I have absolutely no bags. Okay, I lied. I do have bags but they're mostly slings and you know how it is with them. A girl can't carry her world in there. 

So last week, I decided to browse through some hundred bags on, if you're wondering which website that is... Well it's a Chinese website that has all sort of trendy and fashionable clothes, accessories and more at the most inexpensive prices possible.

Out of all the products I settled for two bags, one a spacious neon bag and the other one, a floral bag... Not too spacious but pretty looking. 

My review on products and website:

The order reached me in 8 days flat which is great. I paid about 11 USD for shipping and 20 USD for the bags. So a total of about 2000 INR for two bags which is a good deal in my opinion. 

As far as the quality is concerned, it's absolutely fine. The only thing I'm curious about is the durability. If both these bags last me for over4-5 months, then I've definitely struck a great deal. 

Here's a photo: 


Will I order again? Yes, most definitely! I look forward to some Jewelery and a couple of shoes.

Have you shopped from there? If yes, do let me know in the comment box below.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Promise breaker is a shoe maker!

Of course I didn't live up to my promise of blogging often. But trust me I'm trying hard at this and it is kind of difficult. Kudos to bloggers who sit down every night after a busy day at work and write posts. 

Now this makes me realize how mismanaged my life is hence I downloaded this app to be able to write often. Let me confess, nothing beats the joy of writing on a computer or laptop. I shall try doing this at night right before sleeping, that's exactly when my brain is super charged with thoughts, irrelevant thoughts. For instance, what should I wear tomorrow? It's not that I'm gonna look like a million bucks but when I think of an outfit in my head, it's just so easy. I'm sure a lot if you feel the same way. 

So I was talking to someone at work how I want to be active on my blog and expand it, I learnt one thing that it needs a definition first. I can't be all over the place thinking I'm just gonna rock it my way. Bleh, that's unreal! Therefore, I'm gonna decide what kind of posts I will be doing for the next weeks. You know, I don't want to keep on rambling here.

Anyway, I hope you had a good day and I will be back with an interesting topic next time. 

Also that's a yoghurt sandwich. It's delish! Let me know if you need a recipe! 

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Life+ Wanting to start working on my blog again+ First Tattoo+ More

Missing in action since I don't remember how long. The recent posts have been my adventures with Polyvore app on my phone. I was trying out the app and brushing up my tech skills with using apps. Honetsly, I have never been a fan of these apps at all as I was using a BlackBerry earlier and it had no potential to keep more than a couple of apps like Whatsapp and at the most, TrueCaller. I know, I had been leading a pretty sad life by being a BlackBerry girl but to much surprise I switched to an iPhone a few months back and well I became a fan of trying some new apps. It was like a whole new world since I had no interest in technology at all but anyway. Coming back to the roots of this post, where have I been and whether anybody cares or not. Lol, I have had this question haunting me all the time that why should I ever return to blogging when no one actually reads what I write but off late I discovered how much I love jotting down a few episodes of my life here! 
So what have I been doing? I have been working, discovering so many new things, got a tattoo, made my first trip with all my four best friends, in short... I have been finally living. I have discovered a whole new side of myself in the past year, trying hard to keep my patience interim and well just been me. It has been a very intriguing journey for me...
Keeping the philosophical part aside, I am giving blogging another thought and thinking of a quick and easy process to get myself to blog at least 3 times a week. Maybe I am saying so because I have logged in my account after the longest time and looking at the recent blog posts of the bloggers who I used to follow, they have come so far. 
For now, I really want to change my blog's appearance. It is way too colourful and I may even change the URL. I started this blog back when I was extremely passionate about make-up (Not that I ain't now) and wanted to make a career out of it. Well, things have changed and so have I so to reflect my personality through my blog, I'd want to change it. So my blog from now will aim at different verticals and will not be restricted to make-up or beauty only. I want to share photos when I travel, try a new dish, buy a new outfit, hang out with my friends, just about anything and everything.
So hopefully I will stick to the plan and write more often. For now, I am sharing a photo of my tattoo which I recently got and extremely excited about. It says 'Carpe Diem' and its on my wrists. I absolutely love it even though I have some jerks around me making fun of it (:P Kshitij & Rohit, I hope you two read this one day) but I absolutely love it.