Saturday, December 31, 2011



Probably I'm the last one to wish you guys but my wishes are equally warm!

Thanks for following me and showing trust, hope we get better and stronger in the coming year! ...also I really really hope we don't DIE :( (which is on my birthday btw) haha

Love you all!


Friday, December 23, 2011

OOTD - Birthday :D

Hey Everyone!

yesterday was my birthday and I turned 22 (Dont tell anyone please). I am making 22 a big deal but I dont know why Im having a hard time accepting it.

Few pictures of what I wore. This is not what I actually bought for my birthday! I didnt wear it because I had an exam and I got a bit lazy in the evening to wear a dress! I still have to go out for a family dinner so I have reserved the dress for the dinner! Not grat quality pictures but just a few that I could manage with my phone.

I wore a deep purple top with extended shoulders and net back (no picture of it) :P with a regular black jeans (my favourite) and T-strap sandals. The bag was a sling in black with a gold chain.


I didnt wear any foundation on the face only under my eyes to hide the dark circles, lipstick and winged eyeliner. (Product details below)

Carlton London Shoes & Ananta Clutch (Both from Fashionandyou)

This is what I usually carry in my bag. A lipstick that Im wearing, Gum, Lip balm and a tiny perfume.

I was trying to make it look al professional with this picture and obviously I failed badly. Im trying to click better photos. I think it comes with practise so I hope it gets better in the coming times.

On my face :

Lakme Invisible foundation in #02 (Used as a concealer)
Mango Mania (review here)
Oriflame Bronzing pearls as a Blush
Eyeliner by ELF
Maybelline gel liner for tightlining

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

ELF! Tiny haul

Sorry for the crappy quality but these are a few things my cousin got me from the US! I had been dying to try out ELF products but since they're not available in India, bum bum. Anyway, Will be reviewing all these post my exams! :)

Mushrooms & onions - Quick Recipe

I wanted to post this quick recipe which you can try anytime because it hardly involves any ingredients! That means the ingredients are super easy to find in anyone's refrigerator! This is my go-to recipe and my father's favourite!

And I have not named it yet! Help me ?

Ingredients :

One Packet mushrooms
2 green onions
Red Chilli Powder
Special Kadhai Masala (You can use any masala that you usually put in all the dishes like Meat masala, Chicken masala..basically whatever's available.)


Lets start with the recipe :

1. Grab all the ingredients.
2. Chop the onions.
3. Slice the mushrooms vertically.
4. Heat up some butter in a pan (I have put some extra since my daddy likes it that way, you can add according to your preference).
5. Add Mushrooms in butter and stir.
6. Cover up with a lid leaving it 1/4th open. Simmer down the flame.
7. Check after 2-3 mins and if the mushrooms have turned slightly browner and is softer.
8. Time to add the onions and stir the mixture. (Full flame)
9. Add Salt(According to your taste) I have added half a teaspoon, red chilli powder(same amount) and any special masala. (I have added special kadhai masala (Its from the renowned Roopak Stores in Delhi). Keep stirring.
10. Wait till the butter gets soaked up in the veggies.(It takes only a min or so)

AND YOURE DONE!! So easy, right?


Do you have any quick recipes? Share in the comments?

Monday, December 19, 2011

DressShop - Online Clothing store

How often do you stumble upon cclothing websites? Almost everyday? Right? But how often do you go back to the same ones? HARDLY! I know, right?

Being an impulsive online buyer, Im always up for good deals and what better than discounts all year long?
So I came across this website this afternoon and quickly checked out their collection and honestly I already have some favourites.

Press Info :

Launch of a Premium e-retailing Website selling Western Wear for Women

Dress Shop has been launched by Vira Designs to make it easy for women across India to access stylish western wear. Dress Shop is a web based women’s fashion store, a unique online fashion venture focused on providing the modern Indian woman with western wear that truly reflects who she is.

The clothes are bold, sassy, stylish and elegant. These are clothes that can walk off a ramp and enter your wardrobe with ease. The site features a prêt-à-porter collection at prices that while they make you reach for your wallet, others would find hard to guess and you would definitely never discuss. They will remain a secret between you and us.

Dress Shop features an exhaustive range, with clothes for day wear and night time party wear. Be it jump suits, skirts, the off-shoulder cocktail dress or a traditional full length gown, the one thing they have in common is the underlying aesthetic sensibility. All dresses have been designed and created with the Indian woman in mind. They will now have an opportunity to experience stylish western wear at great value.

The good news does not stop there, we have more up our sleeve, or should we say in our shop! Dress Shop also offers a range of clothing for young girls of all ages. The range has been designed keeping in mind the active nature of children. These clothes allow your child to move about freely, jump, run and play, while at the same time looking pretty enough to steal anyone’s heart away. These clothes address a gap in the Indian market. So many of you have said that you had to wait for the annual junket abroad to buy clothes for your little ones, we have tried to provide an alternative.

We aspire to change the way Indian women shop for their western wear. It is our intention to grow this business rapidly by providing our customers with an unbeatable quality, a benchmark style quotient and a liberating shopping experience. Delight awaits them at Dress Shop.

We look forward to your support in this venture and promise that we would be constantly improving our products, pricing and styling and work hard to keep your trust. We look forward to your feedback and patronage in this venture.

Have a look at the layout :

Major cravings for buying one of these rompers! Look at how cute they're! Im definitely getting my hands on atleast one.

You must check out the website atleast once. Here's the link :

Purple Smokey Eye (Daytime look)

I'm always trying out different colors for smokey eyes as its one of the most worn and liked look by me. Some people have a misconception that it can only be worn at night which is why I created this look! This is a very versatile look, can be dont in daytime and can be turned into a night time look by just adding a dab of black eyeshadow in the outer corners.

Lets see how it should be done.

1. Prime your eyes
2. With an angular fluffy brush, define the outer V of your eye with a tan brown color.
3. Blend the tan brown and add a chocolate brown the same way and blend.
4. Add another chocolate brown but slightly shimmery. Blend.
5. Now take a deep purple and add it over the browns and take it into the crease. Blend teeny weeny bit.
6. Add a shimmery purple on your lid.
7. Add a champagne eyeshadow in the tear-duct area.
8. Same eyeshadow as a browbone highlighter.
9. Add kohl and tightine. Take the deep purple and run it along your lower lashline to create some smoke.
10. Put concealer on your under eye area and blend it away.
11. Clump on your favourite mascara.
13. Put a pink lipstick.

Please enlarge pic 1 & 2 for better understanding.

Self-clicking ^

Products Used :
88 Matte Palette (Bhcosmetics)
Incolor eyeshadow (#807)
Chai Latte quad 9Maybelline)
Colossal Volume Express waterproof mascara
Brushes by M.Grumbacher
Lakme Invisible foundation (#02)
Lakme Enrich Satin Lipstick #135

Haha. Hope it was helpful.

Any requests?

List them below ;)

Monday, December 12, 2011

Don't fear it, wear it.

Living in India, I do realize its kind of hard to start off with makeup. While the neighbourhood Punjabi aunties say “Iske bade parr nikle hai” , on the other hand we have the lecherous men gazing at us because of that red lipstick. I agree, I’m sick of them too. I had a hard time accepting the fact that people will say whatever they have to, I must do things that excite me & make me happy. I understand how a lot of you have been sick of the staring eyes and inappropriate comments.

So I sat down thinking, How can I be of any help t’yall?

I figured, I must pen down my own experience and this might just be useful to atleast some of you. Its not a guide to start wearing makeup but just a few tips where I explain how I overcame my fear of not being able to wear makeup outside my house.

First & foremost, Buy basic products. Don’t go on splurging on things you don’t need or you wont wear in public. For instance, if youre a beginner there is absolute no use of buying a foundation or bright lipsticks. Keep it minimal. Get yourself a good kohl, an eyeliner(Pencil- why? Because Theyre super easy to use), a compact, a tinted lip balm or a nude lipstick, a concealer that is atleast a shade lighter than your actual skintone. You don’t need anything else at the very early stage. Flaunt the eyeliner with a nude lipstick and you will feel confident enough to buy more products and wear them.

Secondly, After using these products for a month or two, buy more. That builds confidence. Add a blush and a blush brush to your vanity now, a couple of eyeshadows or a tiny palette with atleast 5-8 colours, one foundation and a hairstyler. Opt for a basic colour in blush like a pink or a coral. Don’t go overboard by buying a red/orange/hot pink blush. Remember makeup is all about experimenting with your looks. You can definitely buy these eventually but for now go slow. Slow and steady wins the race!

Thirdly, after following this regime for good 4-5 months, its time to experiment. Yes you heard that right. Now is the time to flaunt the red lips and the winged eyeliner. Pamper yourself with a couple of bright lipsticks, atleast five makeup brushes and bright eyeshadows too.

At this point after mastering the art of eyeliner, lipsticks and eyeshadows..give yourself an applause.

Always remember to find some extra time from your everyday schedule and try out makeup. See what suits you the best and rock it, YOUR WAY.

The best would be to watch youtube tutorial and learn the basics. That’s how I learnt too. I’m listing below the channels of some amazing youtubers, do check out if you get time.

International : (I love this girl)

Now some desi one’s :

Always remember MAKEUP enhances your beauty. Don’t fear it, wear it.

Special thanks to S, for this idea :) Thanks BABE!


Tanvee W.

None of the pictures used above are mine, all from google.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

BhCosmetics 88 Matte Eyeshadow Palette (Review)

Eyeshadow is one of the most amazing inventions of the mankind. Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating a little but IMAGINE what would your vanity look like without any eyeshadows? DULL, right? I'm a self-confessed eyeshadow-holic. If I'm at a beauty counter, eyeshadows are the first thing that I try on.

I have been eyeing this palette from quite sometime but my reluctance towards shopping from International websites always stopped me. But I was lucky enough to win a contest and get it as a prize.

This one's a matte palette.

Oh yeah that's me in the mirror, haha.

Closer look.
Now, the swatches.
I have divided the palette into four, taking two rows at a time.

Here's the top one,

Followed by the second,


...and finally, the last one.

Trust me when I say this, its pretty hard to swatch these big palettes.

Even though the big one's are my favourite for the sole reason, you carry a lot in one case. It becomes easy when you're travelling or even doing makeup at home. You don't have to reach out to different mono eyeshadows, a lot to try from, also its great when you want to experiment. With no intentions of using a particular colour, you still do it if you see it stacked right next to colour you were about to pick.

I think big palettes open you to a whole new world of different sights! Okay, maybe I'm going off-board now.

So this particular palette is no different from the other ones and has its own pros&cons.
The light colours are plain chalky and kinda useless whereas the bright colors are amazing and pigmented. As you can see the swatches, the lighter shades are hard to bring out unless packed with a heavy hand. The bright shades are easy to use, blendable and fairly pigmented. Some of them have a fallout. The lighter shades are similar hence repetitive. Talking about the texture, its not great but not too bad either. Somewhere, average. Even when it is called MATTE palette it does have some shimmery shades, not that I'm complaining..just saying.

They do stick on for a good5 hour if used with a base. I would highly recommend using an eyeshadow base while using these. I tried them with NYX Jumbo pencil in Milk. It makes the colours pop up more and looks intense.

I do think this will do a lot for those who have just started out with makeup. This way you dont spend a lot and experiment with what colours suit you.

Why buy? : You should buy this palette because it has a lot to offer, can be carried around easily. For the price you pay, you get a good deal.

Price : Regular price 18.95 USD, currently on a sale for 12.32 USD.

Where from? BhCosmetics website.

Have you tried this candy? I'm loving it at the moment. If youre a strawberry lover, its a must try.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Lakme Lip Love Conditioner : Siren (Review)

Finally, like FINALLY, a post!

I have been really busy with a few personal things and got no time to write a post. With this continuous urge to write, I had to come back and do a post, if not for anyone else but I,me,myself.

Coming back, I'm reviewing this cute little lip tub of lip conditioner
(better known as a lip balm for us). So this guy isn't new on the field, infact it has already scored a century! Since I'm not a huge fan of lip products, I initially saved money on this one but had to give up a few days back and finally ordered it from UrbanTouch.

It comes in four different shades :


I chose "Siren" because I'm coral friendly from past months!

This was stuck sideways but I peeled it off and put it on back to remember the name because I DO PLAN to buy other colors :)
Swatch, Swatch baby...

Pouting and all that.

Getting straight to the point, I heart it. Yes I do, the fact that I received it this morning and am here writing a review explains it the best.

"Siren" is an orangey-coral shade and very creamy in texture. Since I haven't used any tinted lip conditioners previously, I'm not comparing it to any other similar product.

It has very light fragrance to it, which is pleasant. The texture is smooth and glides on pretty easily. I used it in morning to test out its staying ability and I was impressed. It stayed on for good 3-4 hours (I ate lunch too) and started fading away after that. It does set in the fine lines, which I have an issue with but I would like to ignore that.

The only thing I didn't like about it was the packaging, I wish it came in a tube instead. Though, I love the tub but It does drive me crazy when I have dirty finger tip because of it.

WHY BUY? (New section, will be included in every post from now onwards) : You should buy it because It is a good product, above average. I like the colour, its moisturizing, stays on for a good 4 hours, doesn't look over the top and it tastes good. ;)

Price : 225 INR.

Buy again? Yes, other colours too. :)

Much Love

Tanvee W.

This picture is from my upcoming post :)

88 Matte Palette from BHCosmetics.