Wednesday, August 31, 2011

EOTD? :) Maybe! :P

Okay, I'm not sure whether or not I should say HI again! This is my third post on the same day. Dayum.

Is that a lot? Anyway, I did this look today J-F-F! (Just for fun) :P

If you think its nice or you wanna see a step by step tutorial for it, lemme know! :)
This is a black&brown smokey eye.

I believe everyone has their own versions of smokey eyes! Its so versatile :)

I have only used 2 eyeshadows ! This is something I'd do with either a black dress or an ethnic costume (a black saree/ a black suit). NO, its not only limited to black outfits, one can always match it with other outfits as well.. Like a red or green saree/suit/dress!

Black and brown smokey eye is one of the simplest eye looks because .. one, it doesnt require a lot of colors..only basic colors which I believe everyone has in their vanity! Two, Its black so you can hide that extra mascara that accidently landed on your lid area! :P Three, Never gets old. Its like that timeless classy LBD! :)

Coming back, would you like a tutorial? Comment :D

Much Love.

Tanvee W.

Indian flag Inspired makeup! :)

A look that i did for a friend's portfolio :)

Hope you like it.

Much love.

Tanvee W.


I accidently deleted all the comments that i received on my blog :( GOSH! Someone needs to teach me how to maintain a blog, now REALLY! What a fool is me :/


Hi ladies,

I was thinking of doing some eye looks but slightly confused about what to start with! :) Maybe a basic black smokey eye? What would you guys like to see? I have already done a smokey eye! Should I put up that one first? Please lemme know?

Much Love.

Tanvee W.

REVIEW : NYX jumbo pencils & glitter palette in Ocean Breeze

I am yet to think of a better greeting than HI GIRLS, so till my brain starts working, i shall continue using the same sooo, HI GIRLS :P

After writing my first post yester-night at about the same time, I was really kicked about writing another one! Sadly, my laptop's charger broke and i was unable to use it *sad face* (smileys are kinna boring) BUT.. I managed to steal my brother's laptop while he's asleep *devil face*

So as the title says, this review is about a couple of NYX products I purchased off Urbantouchabout two weeks back! (Yes, im kinna obsessed with that website these days)

I have had my eyes on NYX from quite sometime but sadly paypal doesn't accept my DEBIT CARD, so yes I have to rely on Cash on Delivery option!
After much thought, I ordered two jumbo pencils and one glitter cream based eyeshadow palette.

Lets talk about the much raved JUMBO PENCILS first.

I ordered two of them. One in Black bean & the other one in Strawberry Milk (I confused it with Milk)

Swatches below :

1st picture- 3-4 swipes of both
2nd picture - Blended with a very light hand

Honestly, whatever I had heard about these pencils made me very excited to receive and use them and I was really disappointed. Without a doubt, the pencils are good but not as good as they were claimed. I like the fact that they're really creamy and glide on the skin very smoothly but they are definetely not worth paying double the amount for (as I did because I ordered them from Urabntouch) .

They can be used as quick eyeshadows and base of similar color powder eyeshadow (doesnt make a huge difference though).

I like black bean better than Strawberry milk!

Black bean is a jet black color which can used for tightlining & a base for smokey eye looks.

Strawberry Milk is a shimmery baby pink color which can either be used alone as an eyeshadow (strictly not in summer time as it spills all over the place after 2/2.5 hours) or as a base for any neutral colored powder eyeshadow. It did NOT pop the powder eyeshadows a lot.

Bottom Line- This product is average, nothing too fancy.

I would rate both of these 2.5/5 .

Next on the list is CREAM BASED GLITTER EYESHADOW PALETTE (Ocean Breeze)

I have always loved glitters though I never tried any cream based glitter shadow so I was really kicked about using this palette. There are other colors available as well but I ordered OCEAN BREEZE keeping in mind that I dont have a lot of blues and greens! The packaging is fine nothing over the top but a plastic palette. I was never attracted to its packaging anyway. My main concern was the product underneath that ugly plastic cover. Soooo *drum rolls*
ITS A WASTE OF MONEY, just being precise.

No really! I like my loose glitters way better than this.

Below are the swatches of all the colors. I dislike all of them but if someone insists on choosing one of these I'd pick the fourth one from the left.

Do not buy it if you are not a glitter freak like me.

I might use it on one of my eye looks if you say ?
Let me know if you'd like to see how it looks on the eyes! :)

Jumbo pencil : Rs 340 each.

Glitter Palette : Rs 520

Would I REPURCHASE? NEVER! I might try jumbo pencil in Milk though!

Much love.

Tanvee W.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Herbal Essences Body Envy Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner

Hi girls,

This is my first OFFICIAL post since i have only posted about the giveaways i usually enter in!
Anyway, It was a hard decision for me to start off because I have no idea how this works, the blogger website i mean, all i know is posting blogs and changing the titles *yes im not tech savvy* I might need classes as well! Hehe. So anyone up for teaching me? lol

Anyway coming to the title , well since im new I honestly couldnt think of creative titles :/ So I thought, I shoould keep it simple :)

Yes, Im reviewing a shampoo and condiitioner, awkward for the first blog but EVERYONE USES A SHAMPOO AND CONDITIONER, so WHY NOT, i say!

I always wanted to try out herbal essences shampoos ever since i saw youtube beauty gurus using them. The packing looked cute and obviously, they cost very less too. So one fine day I went to buy some random products from my local beauty supply store found out they sell HERBAL ESSENCES products. I danced a little or maybe too much. Obviously. I immediately bought a shampoo and conditioner. To my surprise, they were fake and not original pieces :( .
I stopped using both the products and one fine day, I discovered and yes youre right, the shampoo and conditioner by herbal essences was my first purchase from that website.

So here's few words about the shampoo!

It comes in a sturdy orange coloured plastic bottle, nice packaging, threw it a few times and the bottle is absolutely fine, quantity is worth the price too, the big bottle lasted me 1.5 months which is great, smells floral and consistency is thick which makes sure that a lot of product doesnt come out of the bottle, it says that it gives instant volume to your hair which is a lie.

Overall it doesnt serve the purpose of volumizing my hair in any way but it is a good shampoo.

I would rate it a 3/5.

Price- Rs 175

Availability - ( Cash on delivery offered)


Just as the shampoo, i loved the conditioner's cute bottle as well! Again the same, it doesnt serve the purpose of volumizing but it smoothens my hair pretty well. No tangles, even though i stopped using a hair serum for quite sometime. The results were good.

I would rate it a 3/5.

Availability -

Would you re-purchase?
Not this one, maybe the curls & twist one.

Thanks for reading.

Much love.

Tanvee W.