Friday, January 17, 2014

Sitting through random meetings and trainings...

Working for a social media agency has its own advantages. The top most being sitting through long-ass training and meetings that primarily talks about social media platforms and their functioning. Right about now, I am in the middle of a Twitter training that has just commenced and not entertaining me at all. While the trainer is trying his best to provide interesting details about this platform but I guess his obnoxious voice is very distracting and it is kinda putting me off.

It’s a cold day here in Delhi and this big conference room is full of people in layers of clothes and rubbing their hands in order to keep warm and basically trying hard not to bore themselves. While everyone
is busy doing activities, I am here writing a blog because I promised myself to find some time to write a blog and since I couldn’t find an apt topic so I thought why not tattle on. BTW one of my friends has just started a blog whose URL is, you would even find some pictures of me in one of her blog posts tagged as the ‘The Pizza Girl’.

So my last blog went up somewhere in September and what have I been doing since then? Well, usual! I have not done anything memorable despite a quick trip to Jim Corbett, celebrated my birthday, attended
one of my groupie’s wedding (first one in the group), and some random other things. Sounds so basic and boring, right? But trust me, it has been so hectic even though I have not been doing anything!  

In the New Year, I had decided to revamp my blog and honestly, it’s 
not been a priority! If it had been so, I would have spent more time on it and I am to curse for the same and nobody else. I have given it a lot of thought and yet I disappoint myself all the time. Anyway!

Sitting in this meeting where people are arguing over a non-sense topic. Bleh and Yawn!