Saturday, September 7, 2013

Life+ Wanting to start working on my blog again+ First Tattoo+ More

Missing in action since I don't remember how long. The recent posts have been my adventures with Polyvore app on my phone. I was trying out the app and brushing up my tech skills with using apps. Honetsly, I have never been a fan of these apps at all as I was using a BlackBerry earlier and it had no potential to keep more than a couple of apps like Whatsapp and at the most, TrueCaller. I know, I had been leading a pretty sad life by being a BlackBerry girl but to much surprise I switched to an iPhone a few months back and well I became a fan of trying some new apps. It was like a whole new world since I had no interest in technology at all but anyway. Coming back to the roots of this post, where have I been and whether anybody cares or not. Lol, I have had this question haunting me all the time that why should I ever return to blogging when no one actually reads what I write but off late I discovered how much I love jotting down a few episodes of my life here! 
So what have I been doing? I have been working, discovering so many new things, got a tattoo, made my first trip with all my four best friends, in short... I have been finally living. I have discovered a whole new side of myself in the past year, trying hard to keep my patience interim and well just been me. It has been a very intriguing journey for me...
Keeping the philosophical part aside, I am giving blogging another thought and thinking of a quick and easy process to get myself to blog at least 3 times a week. Maybe I am saying so because I have logged in my account after the longest time and looking at the recent blog posts of the bloggers who I used to follow, they have come so far. 
For now, I really want to change my blog's appearance. It is way too colourful and I may even change the URL. I started this blog back when I was extremely passionate about make-up (Not that I ain't now) and wanted to make a career out of it. Well, things have changed and so have I so to reflect my personality through my blog, I'd want to change it. So my blog from now will aim at different verticals and will not be restricted to make-up or beauty only. I want to share photos when I travel, try a new dish, buy a new outfit, hang out with my friends, just about anything and everything.
So hopefully I will stick to the plan and write more often. For now, I am sharing a photo of my tattoo which I recently got and extremely excited about. It says 'Carpe Diem' and its on my wrists. I absolutely love it even though I have some jerks around me making fun of it (:P Kshitij & Rohit, I hope you two read this one day) but I absolutely love it. 



Akhilesh Gururani said...

Its nice that you have decided to keep blogging. Blogs, like anyother thing in life, make more impact over a long run, and thus require persistant efforts. I would love to read some of your views about the fashion trends for the coming winter.

Tanvi W. said...

@Akhilesh- Thank you so much :) Will try my best to write a few posts around both beauty and fashion.