Friday, September 11, 2015

Sports luxe done right!

Every day I decide to dedicate time to my blog but my lazy self always dominates the situation and I end up not doing anything about it. I wish to stop, pay attention to the right things and get myself to blog more often than my current frequency which is absolutely poor. 

Today, I've put together this quick outfit for an impressive yet fuss free appearance. Sports luxe being one of the hottest trends from a noticeable time has definitely captured attention and yearned popularity. 

Throw in a dress, sunnies, big lashes, red lips, sneakers and a cross body and your survival kit is more than ready. To make the outfit all the more interesting, I'd suggest to braid the hair in corn rows which will bring an exciting, bold and unique element to the entire outfit. 


Sports luxe done right!

Ally Fashion t shirt dress
1,220 INR -

Vans white flat
2,990 INR -

Una-Home red glasses
900 INR -

Hypoallergenic eye makeup
1,810 INR -

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